UNIQUE Art! A brazilian art.
Born out of oppression and
slavery over 400 year ago.

Capoeira is an UNIQUE Art that I have been training for over 27 years .
I am brazilain and I grew up in Rio de Janeiro.

Training takes place via the App and LIVE VIDEO calls!
Embrace the technology I say, it's here so let's use it the right way and make the most of it!

Capoeira is a plethora of disciplines!

Capoeira will:

  • Tone up your muscles and give you inner core strength like Pilates
  • Improve your flexible and state of mind like Yoga
  • Make you strong without bulking up
  • Make you fit like an Athlete
  • Make you as agile as an Acrobat
  • Enables you to lose weight without the need of going to the gym


    • Relieves stress
    • Improves confidence
    • Self-esteem
    • Improves balance
    • Coordination
    • Concentration
    • Creativity
    • Learning
    • Respect


Train via the App + LIVE VIDEO calls
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Capoeira Class

You can also:

  • Lear how to play Capoeira percussion instruments
  • Learn how to sing Capoeira songs
  • Change your life style

People all the World practice Capoeira these days, some for Self-Defence, others to Get Fit, Relieve Stress, Lose Weight, Improve Flexibility, Core Stability, Agility and Strength.

There is only one problem, Capoeira is incredibly addictive!

There is nothing in the world like Capoeira

I am here to teach you an amazing and unique Martial Art and give you the fitness and physic result that you might not yet or might never achieve on your own.

Capoeira, Health & Fitness and Stregth & Conditioning is my life. I love what I do and I know the value of my services. I am worth every pound through my experience, knowledge, efficiencies and love for this Art.


Nowadays you see people on the internet doing what they call "FLOW" and imitating animals as a way of getting fitter - let me tell you something. Most of the people in the videos are actually doing a LOT of Capoeira movement because Capoeira flows, Capoeira is "FLOW" and no one can move like a capoeirista (capoeira practitioner)!

Forget about this flow business and START TRAINING a real ART!