Consultation + FREE eBOOK

 Consist of 3 Online Consultation + Support

   -> Sports Specific Nutrition
   -> Health & Fitness
   -> Weight Loss
   -> Muscle Gain
   -> Lean & Ripped

Diary | Analyze | Report | Plan

Consultation can be via

  1. My app
  2. Skype
  3. Facetime or any other means like facebook messenger OR
  4. Email only

> First Session
   your goals
   how it will work
   start diary - day to suit

> Second Session
   10/15 days after first consultation
   talk about findings
   our plan is...
   email report
   email FREE eBOOK


Winners find a way. Losers find an excuse!


> Before 3rd Session
   +/- 5 days after 2nd session - follow up via email and/or text message
   +/- 14 days after 2nd session - anothers follow up

> 3rd Session
   +/- 5-6 weeks after 2nd session
   wrap it up!

   12 wks and 24 wks

Choose from
Consultation+FREE support & eBook or
eBook only

Consultation and/or eBook

> Still unsure?

Option 1 -> Book a15min consultation to talk about the app/consultation.

Option 2 -> Contact me via the contact page here or my
                    Facebook here.
If I am not training anyone, I will get back to you within 10min.
I very much look forwards in training you!.
Thank you

Rodrigo Peres       

Nutritional Consultant
Personal Trainer