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Specific S&C Program for

  • Golfers
  • Racquet Sports like
    • Tennis etc
  • Team Sports like
    • Netball
    • Football etc
  • Sprinters, Runners & Cyclists
  • Triathletes
  • Surfers & Swimmers
  • Combat Sports and
  • Ski (holiday)

In many cases Nutrition Plan is included and FREE!

FIRST OF ALL: Strength & Conditioning (S&C) is not just for the professionals or people who call themselves "athletes"... it is also for YOU who migh just do some casual cycling or a few Sportives. Maybe you are a Saturday player and what about your yearly Ski holiday? Maybe you would like to serve fast playing tennis or be quicker. All golfers want to drive longer and be more accurate, consistent and so on...

What about your kids? S&C will teach them better body movement/mechanics, coordination and might prevent tipical injuries ralated to thier sport(s) like alot of knee injuries in girls!


Rather than a broader "general fitness session" like you would see a Personal Trainer in the gym do with their clients, Sports Performance is a more SPECIFIC way of training.

A personal trainer would deal with asthetics (ie. weightloss & toning) and health related training rather than a sport specific goal like speed for footballer, stregth/mobility for golfers, coordination/stability/agility for a young netball player, tennis player and movement ecconomy/efficiency for runners and cyclists etc.

The focus is to enhance one’s performance for a given sport or modality regardless of age. Therefore, it covers your entire physical development and it is for ANYONE of all ages and ability levels and with an emphasis on injury prevention!


Specific Program can develop/build:

  • Movement Economy
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Prevent/Rehab Injuries
  • Coordination
  • Quick reflex
  • Agility and more...

Strength training is just one piece of the jigsaw!
Although people might only use the term
you are not actually just training for strength.

S&C training is much more than just lifting weights and actually a lot of the time you don't need to use weights.

A good "PERIODIZED" training plan involves flexibility training, joint stabilization, plyometric training, core training, speed sessions, recovery sessions and different training phases that follow different training phases of your sport.

Planning a S&C program is based around your sport so you are at your "BEST" (you peak) at the right time for your race/sportive/match/game etc... Or just for you to become better in what you do!

S&C is a key part of ANY sporting program.
If you would like to improve or
at least BE INJURY FREE,
S&C is the way forward.


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Specific Programs for

  1. Running -> 5km to ultramarathon
  2. Triathlon -> Sprint to IRONMAN
  3. Powerlifting or just learn/improve: Squat, Bench or Deadlifts
  4. Strength Training

    Running and Tri program can include Nutrition Plan and Strength & Conditioning
    Powerlifiting and Strength Program can include Nurition.

YOU GET a progressive and personalized program!
Depedning if you are planning to race/compete then on your plan I can include your guided NUTRITION intructions/plan for your Pre-Race/competition week/day nutrition + durring + recovery and HYDRATION.


I do the planning... and
you just have to do the training - Simple!




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